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Get started easily!

Veria is powered by node.js and super easy to get started with. You can have a blog online in less than 5 minutes. Because it uses bookshelf.js as the ORM you can use MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite3 as your database. Posts are created using markdown, with live preview.

Why Veria?

There are plenty of great and mature blogging platforms out there. If you need the full toolkit of features for a heavy duty CMS you might want to look at something like wordpress or ghost.

Veria is still crawling and trying to learn how to walk! It is under heavy development which means you will see rapid and regular improvements focused around a product that is easy to use and maintain.

Product Roadmap

- Switchable themes

- Widgets (for example categories in the sidebar)

- Apps (plug and play things like analytics, comment systems,

- New single page (probably angular) dashboard with more functionality

- Flexible and customizable SEO

- Static pages


As Veria is under heavy development and in it's very early stages a lot of functionality is yet to come. If you would like to contribute please communicate through the GitHub or get started by forking and making changes.

Installation Instructions

Installation is easy! All you need to get started is node.js, npm and git.

First clone the repository.

git clone

Once this is done, initialize the app by running this inside the veria folder:

npm install

It's recommended at this stage you edit settings.js located in the root directory of the installation to customize your blog.

After that, you are ready! Now start your app.

npm start

You blog is now online. You can access it on port 3000 at your domain.

For the default installation this is:

The administration dashboard is located at:


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